What we do



Get the best out of your executive team

It is essential to review and evaluate your executive team’s ways of working regularly, to ensure best results and customer focus. Developing your executive team is a journey that needs your close attention to succeed.

In today’s intensive and rapidly changing environment it is about who can renew and respond quick to the changes. It is not enough to have a good strategy, your implementation power makes the difference. Everything starts form the top. Your executive team’s functionality is key!

Our simple approach:

  • We interview the leader and all leadership team members to find out strengths and development areas of the team
  • We create a common plan going forward with you & facilitate shorter but regular sessions with you
  • We reflect and continue the renewal path you have started

It is essential to focus on both WHAT and HOW part of the team functionality

Here are some examples of critical areas to focus get the best out of your executive team

  • Your team focuses on work that really benefit from executive team perspective
  • It is agreed how much time and focus is allocated to the topics that are considered most business critical; like customers, future business and people
  • You ensure, the plans you make, are executed throughout your organization
  • There is regular interaction and work done by the members between the leadership team meetings
  • The meetings are well planned with selected topics and yearly well thought plan
  • In meetings everyone contributes to the discussions and conclusions, looking from own business or function perspective, but also from the total company’s and customer’s perspective
  • There is trust among the members and will to support others to succeed
  • Common decisions are made in the meetings and after the meeting everyone is committed to them
  • There is clear agreement HOW things are done

Let’s start together to make sure your executive team works in a best way. We are here to help you to succeed with your customers, business and people!


Do you have a HR transformation program where you need some help?

Let’s make sure your HR works as agile and does only things that really matter for the customers and business.

We are here for you to lead some subprograms of it and act as a bouncing wall for you. We can also coach your key potentials or people who need time to reflect coming changes.

Transformation, culture, employee experience and basic HR process simplification are close to our heart.

We are here to help you to succeed with your goals!


Do you need someone to make sure you take enough time to plan forward and reflect?

Do you carry your challenges home, would it help to call me when times get tough? Being a leader is sometimes quite lonely. It helps to have a confidential partner to help you.

Individual Coaching is a powerful process for assisting you to maximize your potential and achieve what matters to you.

We focus on exploring your agenda, identify your goals, challenge you to create strategies that take you forward.

Private coaching works well, because it is customized, flexible and time efficient – more so than any other form of professional development or training. You get help when the time is right for you. It is important to take time and thinking space to get insights, and make sure you advance with your goals.

Here’s how you could benefit from coaching:

  • Greater clarity, focus and strategic direction
  • Clear plans and focus areas, going forward (6-12 months)
  • Improved relationships with your colleagues
  • Follow up and reflection of your plans
  • Increased motivation and commitment
  • Empathy, and encouragement
  • Enhanced leadership quality
  • Faster action and making sure you reach your key targets

We coach leaders at any level, from experienced principals to newly appointed team leaders.

A one-on-one coaching series typically involves 4-8 face to face or one-two hour coaching sessions in order to support sustainable growth over time. Specific goals are developed and the appropriate balance of pressure, follow up and support guarantees exceptional results.

One-off specific topic sessions can also be arranged on request.


In today’s competitive environment, it is important to have an excellent talent acquisition strategy. We care and support you throughout the whole recruitment process.

We ensure you a great job seeker experience and employer image.